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Waiting For Giraffes

Directed by Marco De Stefanis, 2017

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creative documentary, the Netherlands-Belgium


Qalqilya Zoo in Palestine is the only zoo in the world on occupied territory. It’s veterinarian dr. Sami wants international recognition for his zoo to replace the giraffes they lost in the last intifada and to improve the situation of his animals. To achieve this they need to join EAZA, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria. EAZA in turn requires Qalqilya Zoo to collaborate with surrounding Israeli zoos. Will Sami manage?


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Together with JEF we've developed an interactive, educational kit to work around the film in your classroom.
Contact us if you'd like to organize a screening for your pupils.

In Belgium available on Dalton.be

18/10/2018 - 13h30 - school screening at Vooruit Ghent - in presence of the director
27/05/2018, 22h10: broadcast on Canvas
20/03/2018 - 19:30 - Studioskoop Ghent - Belmundo Festival
17/02/2018 - 20:30 - Minard, Gent - Under Construction Festival
16/02/2018 - CC Diest - Film Food Friday   
dinner in theme of the film starts at 18:30 - in presence of director Marco de Stefanis
29/11/17, 19h45, Cartoons, Antwerp, Hosted by USOS / with Q&A
24/11/17, Cinéma Cameo, Namur
17/10/17 18h30, Cinéma Aventure, Brussels
11/10/17 18h30, Cinéma Aventure, Brussels
10/10/2017, 17h00, Cinéma Aventure, Brussels
09/10/2017, 22h30, Sphinx Cinema, Gent
08/10/17, 22h30, Sphinx Cinema, Gent
06/10/17, 17h00, Cinéma Aventure, Brussels
05/10/17, 20h00, Sphinx Cinema, Gent
02/10/17, 20h00, Sphinx Cinema, Gent
01/10/17, 20h15, Filmhuis Klappei, Antwerp
29/09/17, 20h15, Filmhuis Klappei, Antwerp / with Q&A
28/09/17, 20h00, Sphinx Cinema, Gent / with Q&A
28/09/17, 18h00, Sphinx Cinema, Gent / with Q&A
27/09/17, 19h30, Cinéma Aventure, Brussels / with Q&A
27/09/17, 15h00 & 20h00, CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg
01/04/17, 11h45: Movies that Matter, Den Haag
31/03/17, 14h15: Movies that Matter, Den Haag
26/03/17, 18h00: Docville, Leuven
25/03/17, 12h00: Movies that Matter, Den Haag
23/03/17, 18h00: Docville, Leuven


een subtiele metafoor voor het hedendaagse Palestina ★★★★



Het Parool

Een authentieke, menselijke en eerlijke film

Al Jazeera

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Written and directed by Marco De Stefanis

Produced by Fleur Knopperts and Denis Vaslin for Volya Films

Coproduced by Emmy Oost for Cassette for timescapes

With the support of The Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO, Evangelische Omroep, the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), MEDIA programme of the European Union, Dutch Cultural Media Fund, IIC Foundation, CANVAS / VRT


Special mention of the jury Flahertiana Film Festival 2017 (DR)


IDFA 2016 (NL) In competition for Best Dutch Documentary

Watch Docs 2016 (PL)

Docville 2017 (BE) In competition for 'Weten en Geweten' award

Tempo Documentary Film Festival 2017 (SE)

Movies That Matters 2017 (NL)

Cleveland International Film Festival 2017 (USA) Greg Gund Memorial Standing Up Competition

CPH:DOX 2017 (DK)

Le Voci dell'Inchiesta 2017 (IT)

Middle East Now Festival 2017 (IT)

Brussels Mediterranean Films Festival 2017 (BE)

Under Construction Festival 2018 (BE)

Belmundo Festival 2018 (BE)